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Sunday, November 14, 2010

How about some MMA talk?

 So every now and then, I have to throw in a post about MMA.  After all, it is in the title of my blog right?!  My oldest son Cody, fights MMA.  He's currently 4-0 in the amatuer MMA circuit.  Hopefully after next Saturday, he'll be 5-0.

I've been to every fight he's been in, but this next fight is too far away that I won't be able to go.  He'll be fighting in Florance, KY.  With the price of gas for travel, the price of a hotel room, the price of fight tickets, etc. it just isn't cost effective for me to go.  And, it's just killing me that I won't be able to go.  I've had a lot of mothers say to me "How can you go watch that?  If it was my son, I couldn't do it.".  Well, I'm the type of person that has to be there and watch.  I do not like surprises!  If my son would get hurt, I don't want to find out by a phone call then have to waste all that time trying to get to him.  I want to be there and see how it all unfolds in real time.  If something should happen, I'll be right there by his side.  Soooo, yep this is killing me that I won't be able to go.  I'm going to spend the whole evening next Saturday, nervously waiting on the phone to ring to tell me the outcome.

(Cody before a fight talking to a team mate)

Cody's also on a fight card the night before Thanksgiving, although they haven't found an opponent for him yet.  They had one, the guy was 3-0 which is close to Cody's 4-0 record, but the guy wouldn't sign the contract to fight him.  That fight will be in Hilliard, OH and although it's a little drive, I can make it there and back without the need for a hotel room.  So, if they find someone to fight him I'll be going to that one.  There is NO way I could take missing two fights in a row.  I'd seriously have a nervous breakdown. LOL

Cody already signed a contract to fight against someone on December 4th, locally in Tiffin, OH.  That fight will be a title fight and is only about a half an hour away from where I live.  You can bet your bottom that I'll most definately be at that one!  Nothing will keep me away.

I'd like to thank Cody's sponser, Uncaged Clothing: A Breed Apart.  As an amatuer fighter, all they can give him is clothing and equipment but this is a big help price wise.  We all appreciate their sponsorship and interest in Cody's MMA career.  Once Cody turns pro (which he could technically do now with the amount of wins he has, but he's choosing to wait), Uncaged has said that they'll switch his contract with them to a pro-contract and they'll talk money.  If you want some cool MMA clothing, check out their website.  Soon, all of Cody's fans will even be able to order a custom t-shirt to show their support!  Thanks again, Uncaged Clothing!

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