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Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Holiday Concert

If you've read the introductory posts about my children, you may remember that my youngest daughter is in show choir.  They had they're Holiday concert last night.  I just love watching these kids perform.  They work so hard and put their all into each and every show. 

Once Courtney got home from school, it was a rushed busy night.  She had to practice her solo, everyone had to get ready, she'd lost so much weight we had to go to my mom's to have her dress fixed so it wouldn't fall off her, then off to the concert!  I get so giddy on performance nights.  Just think, a real live "Glee" performance!!

For the first time ever (and she does a solo at almost every show), Courtney had a couple missteps in her solo.  She was absolutely mortified, but held it together until she walked away.  Then the tears of embarrassment and humiliation came.  But, as with any true performer, the show must go on!  She pulled it back together and walked out with her group to give us all a great night of song and dance. 

Here's some pictures of the evening:

Courtney doing her solo

Courtney with her best friend Casey.  Poor girl was in a car wreck a few weeks ago, and has a fractured vertebrae in her back.
And here's a picture of Matthew with my mom, after the concert ended.

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