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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do You Enjoy A Box Of Chocolates?

I love to receive gifts of chocolate.  It's one of my favorite gifts.  Therefore, I also love to give the gift of Chocolate.  Every year, my mother and my mother in law know that a gift box of chocolate one gift they'll be able to count on from me.  Just to see if my mom would notice, I held back on the box of chocolate when I gave her, her gifts.  She didn't say anything, but acted kind of funny.  Finally I started laughing and pulled it out.  She started laughing and said she hadn't wanted to make me feel bad, but that she was disappointed when she thought I hadn't gotten her the chocolate. LOL

Hershey's Truffles are my absolute favorite!  Which one is your favorite box?  You can check them out at:

I'm entering a contest for a Hershey's Pot Of Gold prize pack, as a member of the Mom Blogger's Club by writing this post.

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