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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ohio Fighting Championship VIII: Season's Beating's

Here we go again with some more amateur MMA.  Cody was supposed to fight this coming Saturday night, but unfortunately it's a no go.  I'm not sure the reason, but the first opponent Cody was paired against had to withdrawl from the fight.  They found someone else for Cody to fight, and now unfortunately this guy has had a death in the family and won't be able to compete.  So, this Saturday is a no go for Cody.

He will be fighting two weeks from Friday though...December 17th, in Columbus, OH.  He'll be the main event for the Ohio Fighting Championship VIII: Season's Beatings show.  He'll be competing for the 145 pound title belt, against KJ Kecky Hannah who currently is the title holder.  I'm psyched and ready for the fight!

It should be a great match-up, with a lot of action.  Going into this fight, Mr. Hannah's record is 8-5-0 and Cody's is 5-0-0.  Even though I have the greatest confidance in my son, I realize that the fight could go either way.  As can any fight, with anyone at anytime.  Rest assured though, I'll be there with video camera and regular camera in hand, cheering my son to his first title!

You can keep up with this fight at: or on their face book page.

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