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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fight Night Results!

Oh mylanta, as Cody would say.  He'd told me last night that where this wasn't a title fight, that he'd be early in the line up tonight.  He promised me that he'd call me as soon as the fight was done.  Well, usually I'm just a wreck the whole day of a fight.  I actually was good today.  Fine even.  Until...about 8:38pm!  Then, the nerves set in.  I couldn't concentrate on anything I was doing online.  I kept glancing from the clock to the phone.  By the time 9:45pm rolled around  and he hadn't called yet, I was a complete mess.  My heart rate was excelerated, my palms were sweating, etc.  I was starting to visualize him laying in a cage unconscience or worse yet, laying in a hospital somewhere.  I decided that if I hadn't heard from him by 10:15pm I was calling his cell phone over and over until he answered it!

10:12pm the phone finally rang!  It ended up that he was the main event, which is why he hadn't called sooner.  He did call as soon as the fight was over!  He won again!!!!!!!!!  YaY Cody!!  6-0 is an awesome record.  I can not wait until February 19th to watch his title fight!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to watch him hold that belt above his head, and to see his record go to 7-0!! 

We're all so proud of you Cody!

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