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Thursday, January 13, 2011

How I Would NOT Want To Be A Teen Again

I've heard people say over and over again throughout the years, how they wish they could go back to high school and do their teen years over again.  I'm so not in that camp.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have 4 children between the ages of 15-21yrs old, so I've been "around" the teen years for quite some time and see all the drama and crap that goes around.  I don't know.  I just know that I adamantly would not want to trade places with any of my teens.

Sure, my high schoolers come home happy and excited some times.  They goof off and have amazing times with there friends.  They don't have a whole heck of responsibility on their shoulders (in terms of worrying about paying bills, etc) but to deal with the talking behind backs, putting up with rumors being spread, snottiness, cadiness and back stabbing that they also go through is enough for me to say "noooo way".

I think my youngest son (17yrs old) has learned a hard lesson tonight.  For the first time in his life, he bought his girlfriend a gift with his own money.  Now I have to take a moment and brag that I think he's learned well from his Mama on finding a good deal.  He bought her a beautiful and delicate necklace, that is the word "love" in cursive writting and has real diamond chips on it.  It was regularly priced at $167.99 and he got it 80% off, then an additional 25% off.  So, he didn't spend a terrible amount of money out of pocket, but it was still a really nice gift. 

He came home from the store with the biggest grin.  He showed it to me and snapped the box lid shut, with that goofy grin still plastered all over his face.  He was so proud of himself and of the gift.  He immediately went to her house and gave it to her.  He wasn't back home 5 minutes yet, when he was confronted with the fact that she's been sending his 15yr old cousin text messages telling him that she was going to break up with my son, for his cousin. 

The cousin denied this to my son when confronted about it, but it's too late because the cousin already showed the text messages to my daughter.  Oh, the irony.  The drama.  The broken hearts.  Nope, you couldn't pay me enough to want to go back to those years.

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