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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introducing Bella, The Bubble Blowing Puppy

So for the past 3 nights my puppy, a Chorkie, has cracked me up.  She takes her paw and bats at the water in her water bowl to make it start to swirl around, then she sticks her whole snout in the water and blows bubbles.  Yes, bubbles. 

The first night, she didn't do it very long and I thought I had lost my mind when I heard the gurgle, gurgle, gurgle noise and saw her at her water bowl.  Last night, she was doing it repeatedly and I called my son downstairs to see it too so I'd have a witness!  We both watched her for about 15 minutes, laughing our rear ends off. 

I don't have a video camera, even though one is much wanted, so I borrowed my daughter's Kodak Easyshare camera because it's supposed to take videos.  I sat the camera on the table, then waited and hoped Bella would do it again tonight.  Low and behold she did!  The first time, she only blew bubbles twice then walked away.  A bit later though, she went to town at it and I was able to capture two and a half minutes of it!

Now, I see that a Kodak Easyshare is not sold for it's recording capabilities.  The video is crappy.  But, when that's all one has to record with, one makes do. LOL  So, here's the video introducing Bella, the bubble blowing puppy.  In the beginning of the video, listen closely to hear the gurlge, gurlge of her blowing bubbles.  Just before a minute into the video, she turns to give us a better view and then you can hear her blowing the bubbles much easier.

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