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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Likes To Play Free Games Online?

I'll admit it, I'm an online game junky.  I love to play games to unwind or pass the time.  I'm SO excited, because Swagbucks has just added a new way to win free swagbucks!  They've added GAMES!

There are 2 ways to play them.  You can play for free whenever you'd like, and while playing you can randomly earn swagbucks just for playing.  Note that you won't win swagbucks every time, but hey...what you do earn is just a bonus for passing time doing something fun, right?!  The second way, is that you can enter tournaments by risking a few of your already earned swagbucks, to take the chance for a much bigger swagbuck payout!

Go here: Free Games to sign up and play!  Also, if you're new to SB's, when signing up I have a special code for you to use that will earn you an additional 30 swagbucks just for signing up with Swagbucks! That will start you off with a total of 60 SB's!  30 for signing up and 30 for the special code!  Use code: SBGames to earn that additional 30 swags!

As for the games, they have added an array that will appeal to almost any gamer.  There's puzzle games, word games, arcade style games, etc.  My favorite so far is Submarine Puzzle, which is a swap game to match at least 3 to remove them from the board.  My oldest son has been enthralled lately with a simple game called Snake.  The version he found on the net and has been playing has the most simple, primative graphics I've ever seen.  I was excited to see that SB's has also added the same game that they call Hungry Snake, only with MUCH better graphics! LOL

So if you like online games, head over to Free Games, sign up, play games, and start earning free swagbucks to trade in for great, free prizes!!!!!!  The only thing that makes playing free online games more fun, is actually getting the opportunity to also get free prizes for playing!

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