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Friday, January 7, 2011

Will You Help Me Win An iPad Or Flip Camera?

I've entered 2 photos into a Photobucket contest.  If you could vote for either one, or both, I'd really appreciate it!  The title of the contest is: Embarrassing Family Photos.  There's 21 days left in the contest so if you could vote every day it'd be a huge help to me!  The first photo is of my husband trying to hug his mom and she's almost cringing. LOL  It can be found here: Photo #1.  The second photo is of my sister in law, my niece and nephew and 2 of my children.  I don't have any clue as to what's up with my daughters white, smeared on eye shadow, my son looks like his ear is stuck onto the side of his head plus looks bored as all get out, and my nephew appears to be taking a nap. You can find that photo here: Photo #2 to vote on.  Thanks for any help you can give me!

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