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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Good Deal I Forgot In Last Post

I forgot this one, when writing out my post.  Meijer had the Lunchable Sub Sandwich with Rice Krispy Treat (no drink) on sale 5/$5.  They had ham and cheese, and turkey and cheese to choose from.  Most of the packs, had $1/2 peelies on them, making them just $ .50 each!  I bought 10 of those.  The sub bun is made with whole grain bread, the meat and mayo that come in it are both low fat, and the portion size is just right for this to work great for a lunch or snack for Courtney where she's on a low G.I diet.  Since she's switched to taking all of her classes online and is home all day, this is a cheap way to help fill some of her hunger. All she has to do is add in a salad and/or some fruit for a lunch and the kit by itself is fine and filling for a snack!  I'm actually wishing I would've bought more of them, where I can just throw them in the freezer!

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