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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Had A GREAT Meijer Haul Today, Complete With a Pic!

So, I knew I'd do good today at Meijer, but I didn't know just how good.  I scored 10 bottles of Clorox Green Works dish soap for $ .15 each and 2 bottles of Clorox Green Works Bathroom Cleaner for   $ .59 each!  On the way home I stopped at my mom's and gave her 2 dish soap and 1 bathroom cleaner so my picture is missing those items!  In all including taxes I spent $70.48.  I saved....$94.75!!!!! 

Also, I have to give props to my hubby today.  Instead of griping about my coupons and trying to hurry me, when I was loading up dish soap he went on down the isle and found the bathroom cleaner deal for me.  It was funny he came hustling back down the isle towards me carrying a bottle in each hand and with a smug little smile on his face.  He told me what the sale price was and showed me the peelie coupons on the bottles and asked me that made it "a good deal" or not LOL.

Here's the picture:
 ETA:  You can't even see everything in the picture.  For instance only 1 Purex with Zout shows and I have 2 up there.  You also can't see 2-24 packs Mt Dew or the 12 pack of Citrus Drop along with the huge box of Meaty Bone dog treats.

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