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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gearing Up For A Big Sale

Our community sale is this coming Friday and Saturday.  Due to my parents moving 2 weeks ago into the smallest house they've ever had...I don't even think it's 1/2 the size they had, this will be the biggest yard sale I've ever had!  -Everything they didn't have room for they donated to me LOL. 

We leave in 2 weeks to head to Denver for my oldest daughter's college graduation and I'm so excited that this sale is hitting just in time to help offset our costs!  Just by searching other areas than the one's real close to me, I've saved $110 off the cost of an SUV rental for the trip.  Now, if I can make enough to cover the cost of the rental + at least 1/2 of the gas, I'll be thrilled!  I've also saved at least $25/night minimum on our hotel cost, by using hotwire. 

So, right now my house looks like a mini twister has struck.  Piles of stuff that's been priced sitting everywhere and more piles of stuff sitting around that has yet to be priced.  This isn't including the items that haven't even been brought into the house yet.  A ton of things were unloaded off my dad's truck, straight into my garage!

I'll be selling an antique cedar chest that used to be my grandmothers, an antique dresser with a large mirror/sheves that sits on top.  This also used to be my grandmother's but if you looked at it you'd never guess it's an antique.  You'd think it just came from a showroom floor!  I have a china buffet/hutch to sell.  A washer and dryer.  Floor lamps, end table w/built on magazine rack, on and on and on and this isn't even touching all of the little things and clothes!  I have a feeling that tomorrow night will be long, with an early morning Friday!

Let the fun (and $$$$) begin!  =)

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