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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Off To Fort Leonard Wood!

Well, the time has come that my son is graduating from the OSUT program at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  We're getting ready to head out the door.  Family day is tomorrow, and graduation is Friday.  I'm so excited to see my boy, and so proud of him for what he's accomplished in just short of 4 months time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer 63% Off + Free Shipping!

Image obtained from Google Images

Right now, the Sony Dash personal internet viewer is 63% off, making it $74.99 with free shipping!  That's a savings of $125!  There are over 1500 apps available for the Sony Dash.  Click the picture below to grab this deal.  Price is good today only!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Presto Flip Side Belgium Waffle Maker Review

After using a flip waffle maker at the hotels on our Denver trip, my husband asked me to get him one for Father's Day.  Of course, he didn't ask in time for me to have it arrive by this past Sunday.  It arrived today!  Just like a little kid, he wouldn't allow any of us to open "his" present, we had to wait for him to get home from work tonight LOL. 

I had decided on the Presto 3510 Flip Side Belgium Waffle maker for him.  I ordered it from Amazon, using free money I had in my account, that I'd earned from using  SwagBucks.  If you're not already a member, I highly recommend you join and immediately start earning free rewards yourself!  -I always take Amazon gift cards, then use the free money for presents!

So, we made waffles and bacon for supper.  The machine was super easy to use and boy did they turn out huge and fluffy!  My husband started off telling me he'd eat 2-3 waffles.  Well, when the first one was done and we opened the machine up and he saw the size of it...he quickly changed his mind and said ONE would be fine for him LOL.  

I used Krusteze Belgium Waffle mix, which was super quick and easy to mix up.

This is what the waffle looked like when it was done (in a quick 3:45, btw!) but the picture really doesn't do the size of the waffle justice:

And here's my husband's plate!

Dinner tonight was quick, easy, fun and delicious!  I highly recommend this machine!  If you'd like one of your own, they are a great price on Amazon right now.  -When I checked the shelf-price in our local stores they were $59.99!  Right now on Amazon, you can get it for: $38.53 with free shipping!  Just click the picture below to grab one for your family!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Opportunity For Blogger's To Make Money

Are you a blogger?  Are you interested in making money by writing blog posts?  If so, you can sign up HERE.  I've been a member of Social Spark for awhile now, and already made close to $100 and have cashed it out to my PayPal account.  You will receive offers via your Social Spark account, from advertiser's that tells you what the blog post should be about and the required aliments, along with a price offer.  You can either accept that price, or you can hit a button and put in the lowest price you'd accept to do the blog post.  Then, the advertiser can either accept your price or pass on you.  So, if you're also a blogger that would like to make some extra money, click HERE to sign up as a publisher!

Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital Copy $19.99!

Image obtained from Google Images

Right now Iron Man 2 is 50% off, making it $19.99 + it's eligible for free super saver shipping!  This is a 3 disc set.  Just click on the picture below to grab this deal!

Monday, June 20, 2011

6 Boxes of Moist & Meaty Dog Food for $28.02 w/Free Shipping!

Image obtained from Google Images

Right now you can get 6 12-pack boxes of Moist & Meaty Dog Food for $28.02 with free shipping!  That's 72 pouches!  And if you sign up for subscribe and save you'll get an extra 15% off, taking the total to $23.82 with free shipping!  Just click the picture below to grab this deal!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Norton 360 5.0 1 user/3PCS $37.95!

This is currently 53% off!  Just click the picture below to grab this deal!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kraft HomeStyle Mac-N-Cheese Printable Coupon!

Our family just loves this stuff!  Last September I hosted a House Party for this, and ever since it's all we eat.  Click HERE to get a $ .50/1 coupon. Don't forget to hit your back button on your browser to print 2 of these!  If you have a Meijer nearby, this coupon will pair well with their sale that starts tomorrow.  They'll be on sale 3/$5, with coupon (and if your store doubles like mine does) it'll make them $ .67 a piece!  Awesome price for it!

Toy Story Trilogy 55% Off + Free Shipping!

Right now, the Toy Story Trilogy Blu Ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy is 55% off regular price, and has free super saver shipping!  If you have a Toy Story lover in your family, grab this deal by clicking the picture below.  This would make an awesome Christmas or birthday gift!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Meijer Super Sale

Meijer is having another Super Sale today and tomorrow.  I'm going tomorrow morning and planning on doing 6 transactions.  Please note that my trip is not for "grocery shopping" but for stocking up.  I promise that I don't just feed my kids nothing but this lol.  My transaction prices are including the sale prices (-) $5 instant savings that Meijer has during the Super Sale (-) any coupons that I have that match up.

1st Transaction:
2 jars Kraft Miracle Whip = FREE
2 jars Claussen Pickles $ .99/ea = $1.98
1 bottle Kraft Salad Dressing = $ .69
Total = $2.67

2nd Transaction:
2 jars Kraft Miracle Whip = FREE
2 jars Claussen Pickles $ .99/ea = $1.98
1 bottle Kraft Salad Dressing = $ .69
Total = $2.67

3rd Transaction:
5 packs Oscar Mayer Bologna = $4.95
    ** Pay $4.95 OOP
  **Get a $4 OYNO Catalina Q making it the same as $ .95/5 packs, or $ .19/each)

4th Transaction:
2 jars Kraft Miracle Whip = FREE
2 packs Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon $2.99 for 1 and $2.44 for the 2nd = $5.43
1 bottle Kraft Salad Dressing = $ .69
1 dozen eggs..use Q that's $1/1 WYB 2 Oscar Mayer Bacon..should make the eggs around $ .59
Total = $6.71
Use $4 catalina from previous transaction makes total OOP $2.71

5th Transaction:
2 jars Kraft Miracle Whip = FREE
2-5 pack boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $2.45/ea = $4.90
1 bottle A1 Steak Sauce = $1.49
1 bottle Frank's Red Hot Sauce = FREE
1 Cottonelle Moist Wipes = FREE
Total = $6.39

6th transaction:
2 jars Kraft Miracle Whip = FREE
2 packs Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $ .49/ea = $ .98
1 bottle Kraft Dressing = $ .69
1 Pringles Super Stack = $ .33
1 Pringles Multi-Grain = $ .33....if included in the $1.33 sale with the regular Pringles
3 bags of Doritos 1/2 off sale, plus save $3 instantly at the register (tomorrow is last day for this) = $ .99/ea =$2.97 for 3 bags
Total = $5.30

Grand total OOP will be around $24.67, then I have an old gift card my dad had laying around and gave to me, that will take $2.02 off my total, leaving me with:
$22.67 OOP.  Not bad for:
10 jars of Miracle Whip
4 jars of Claussen Pickles
4 bottle of Kraft Salad Dressing
1 dozen eggs
5 packs of Oscar Mayer Bologna
10 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese
1 bottle of A1 Sauce
1 bottle of Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1 tub of Cottonelle Moist Wipes
2 packs of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
2 cans of Pringles
3 bags of Doritos
44 items total  That averages out to just a little over $ .51 an item.

Special K Cereal Bars Variety Pack 36 count $10.78

My kids eat these things like they're going out of style, so I was so excited to find a 36 count variety pack for only $10.78 and eligible for free super saver shipping!!  Just click the picture below to take advantage of this offer!

Zumba Fitness for Wii $29.99 + Free Shipping!

Right now, Zumba Fitness for the Wii is $10 off, making it $29.99 and has free shipping!  Just click the picture below to grab the deal!

Britax Frontier 85 Combo Booster Car Seat 36% Off

Britax is known as the Cadillac of carseats for both safety and comfort.  The Britax Frontier 85 is made for children age 2+, weighing 25-85 pounds.  This seat grows with your child!  It's currently on sale for 36% off regular price, saving you $108.99!  PLUS, it ship's free and has free returns!  Just click the picture below to get the deal!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker 56% Off + Free Shipping!

So with summer upon us, a lot of us will have children around asking for ice cream and treats.  What better way to help alleviate some summer time boredum than to help the kids make some homemade ice cream sorbet or frozen yogurt?  To be completely honest, even us adults get excited over some good homemade ice cream!  This Cuisinart machine will make all cream, fozen yogurt AND sorbet!  Better yet?  It's currently 56% off regular price + has free shipping!  Just click the picture below, to take advantage of this great deal!

Keebler Cookie & Cracker Assortment 36% Off!

Image obtained from Google Images

36 individual pouches of Keebler cookies & crackers is on sale for $9.32, and eligible for free super saver shipping!  If you're looking for a way to keep the munchies away over summer break without breaking the bank, then this deal is for you!  Just click the picture below!

$ .69 New Song Downloads!

Calling all music lovers!  There are a lot of new chart busters available for download for only $ .69 each right now!  Click the following link to see what all's available! $ .69 Song Downloads Here

20% Off Fisher-Price Coco Sorbet Collection + Free Shipping!

The Fisher-Price Coco Sorbet Collection is absolutely adorable!  The have a Swing'N Rocker (pictured), a Highchair, a Booster Seat, a Deluxe Fold-N-Stow Swing, a Comfy Time Bouncer, and new to the collection is a Soothing Motions Glider.  These items are all free super saver shipping, + they have free returns.

 Click this link to see the collection

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canon PowerShot A3000IS 68% Off + FREE 1 Day Shipping!

Not only is this camera currently 68% off with FREE 1 day shipping, but you also get a FREE Lowepro case and a FREE Transcend memory card with it!  Have everything you need to start taking photos in one day, for only $79!  Wish they would've had this deal when I bought my daughter her camera for Christmas this past year!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Camera For Dad W/Free 1 Day Shipping!!

If you're looking for a new camera for a Father's Day present, this one is great and with the Dad's Day promotion going on, you can get free 1 day shipping if you order by June 16th!  Just check the 1 day shipping option and Amazon will automatically apply the discount.  My mom has this camera and she loves it!

Great Flip Waffle Maker At A Great Price!

My husband is kind of strange in the aspect that he gets more excited about kitchen gadgets than I do!  When we went on vacation to CO for our daughter's college graduation, we stayed in hotels that had make your own belgium waffles for breakfast.  He fell in love with them and asked me for one for his Father's Day present.  -I was perfectly fine with this, because I too wanted one LOL.  So, I started researching and this is the one I decided on:

Before ordering I checked at Kohl's, and I also noticed this same one sitting on the shelf at my Kroger store and it was priced at the $59.99 at both stores.  So, I got a great price on this for the $36.67 and free shipping!  It hasn't come in yet, but I'm hoping it's here for me to cook up some great waffles with homemade whipped cream and homemade blueberry sauce for Father's Day!

Great Lucky Charms Deal

Image obtained from Google Images

If your kiddo's eat Lucky Charms, here's a deal for you!  3-11.5oz boxes are on sale for $8.62 BUT if you enter the code: JUNEBIGG while checking out, you'll save an additional 15% bringing the total down to $7.32.  Then, if you sign up for subscribe & save (which works out very well for us, but you can cancel it you could sign up to order, then cancel once your order is shipped) you'll save an another 15% bringing your total down to $6.22 (if my math is right..I'm kind of in a fog today lol).  This order is also eligible for free super saver shipping!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chef Master 20pc BBQ Tool Set!

The Chef Master 20pc BBQ Tool Set is on sale for $12.04, which is 68% off regular price!  This would make a great gift for the BBQ'er in your family!

Do Your Kids Love Pop Tarts? Grab This Deal!

Image obtained from Google Images
Right now, a 48 count variety pack of Pop Tarts is on sale for 45% off, making it only $8.28!  Plus, it's eligible for free super saver shipping! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

FREE Household Cleaning Products From PetSmart

Image Obtained via google images

PawSafe brand household cleaners are on sale until (I believe) the 19th for $ .99 with a Pet Perks card.  If you go HERE you can print a coupon for $1/1.  There's no limit to how many you print.  All you do is pay the tax on the products.  These products are both child and pet friendly and there's a wide variety of cleaners, such as window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, etc.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindle eReading Device

Oh my goodness, I hate to think of what our trip to Denver would've been like without my Kindle.  Now, I didn't use it myself, instead I allowed my 15yr old daughter to use it.  She either read or slept all the way there and back.  Without it, I don't even want to imagine how many whines of "are we there yet" I would've had to have heard!  I honestly feel that the Kindle saved my sanity.  After using my Kindle for the trip, Courtney's now decided that she wants one and asked if we'd get her one for the birthday coming up at the end of September.  I really do love my Kindle!  Best of all?  I've never paid for a book yet using it!  The Kindle bestseller list is updated every hour, with the top 100 selling books and the top 100 free books.  I always find plenty to choose off the free list.  As a matter of fact, the best book I've ever read in my life is called Fireflies In December and I downloaded it for free too!  That was the 1st book I had Courtney read on the way to Denver and she, like me decided it was the best book she's ever had the pleasure to read.

So, after my great endorsement here, if you'd like to order a Kindle of your own...or to give one as an amazing gift...just click the picture below!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The excitement one feels when leaving for a vaction can be overwhelming, but the excitement upon returning home is unriveled.  Last week we left for Denver, CO to watch my oldest daughter graduate from college!  We drove, 1241 miles one way, and couldn't wait to see the sites, admire the scenery, and see Nikki!  By the time we were half way home, I was already sooo over it all.  I was swearing that the next time I went I was going to fly!  You see, I'm petrified of heights so flying has always been my worst nightmare.  The crazy, crazy traffic and miles upon miles of roadway has changed my mind though.  I joked that I'd rather be petrified for 2.5 hours in a plane, than for 2.5 days in a car. LOL

We did see a lot of beautiful scenery along the way.  Everything was so different than good 'ole flat Ohio. 
The most beautiful thing we saw though, was my daughter walking across the stage, receiving her undergraduate diploma.  Nikki is a beautiful girl who's worked so hard to obtain her her dreams.  She's faced a lot of obstacles in her path, but she's always found a way around them, refusing to let anything deter her on her path.  She's studied economics, two different languages (spanish and chinese), biology, history and on and on, just in 4 years of college.  Besides carrying beyond a full load of credits each and every semester she's worked full time the entire way too!  Nikki is the true meaning of "hard work".  All of her work has paid off though.  Not only does she have an undergraduate degree in hand, but she also has received almost a full ride to graduate school.  She'll be studying economics with focuses on both international economics and developmental economics. 

Congratulations again Nikki.  You are a beautiful, intelligent, hard working young woman who I'm very proud to call my daughter.