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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The excitement one feels when leaving for a vaction can be overwhelming, but the excitement upon returning home is unriveled.  Last week we left for Denver, CO to watch my oldest daughter graduate from college!  We drove, 1241 miles one way, and couldn't wait to see the sites, admire the scenery, and see Nikki!  By the time we were half way home, I was already sooo over it all.  I was swearing that the next time I went I was going to fly!  You see, I'm petrified of heights so flying has always been my worst nightmare.  The crazy, crazy traffic and miles upon miles of roadway has changed my mind though.  I joked that I'd rather be petrified for 2.5 hours in a plane, than for 2.5 days in a car. LOL

We did see a lot of beautiful scenery along the way.  Everything was so different than good 'ole flat Ohio. 
The most beautiful thing we saw though, was my daughter walking across the stage, receiving her undergraduate diploma.  Nikki is a beautiful girl who's worked so hard to obtain her her dreams.  She's faced a lot of obstacles in her path, but she's always found a way around them, refusing to let anything deter her on her path.  She's studied economics, two different languages (spanish and chinese), biology, history and on and on, just in 4 years of college.  Besides carrying beyond a full load of credits each and every semester she's worked full time the entire way too!  Nikki is the true meaning of "hard work".  All of her work has paid off though.  Not only does she have an undergraduate degree in hand, but she also has received almost a full ride to graduate school.  She'll be studying economics with focuses on both international economics and developmental economics. 

Congratulations again Nikki.  You are a beautiful, intelligent, hard working young woman who I'm very proud to call my daughter. 

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