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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Presto Flip Side Belgium Waffle Maker Review

After using a flip waffle maker at the hotels on our Denver trip, my husband asked me to get him one for Father's Day.  Of course, he didn't ask in time for me to have it arrive by this past Sunday.  It arrived today!  Just like a little kid, he wouldn't allow any of us to open "his" present, we had to wait for him to get home from work tonight LOL. 

I had decided on the Presto 3510 Flip Side Belgium Waffle maker for him.  I ordered it from Amazon, using free money I had in my account, that I'd earned from using  SwagBucks.  If you're not already a member, I highly recommend you join and immediately start earning free rewards yourself!  -I always take Amazon gift cards, then use the free money for presents!

So, we made waffles and bacon for supper.  The machine was super easy to use and boy did they turn out huge and fluffy!  My husband started off telling me he'd eat 2-3 waffles.  Well, when the first one was done and we opened the machine up and he saw the size of it...he quickly changed his mind and said ONE would be fine for him LOL.  

I used Krusteze Belgium Waffle mix, which was super quick and easy to mix up.

This is what the waffle looked like when it was done (in a quick 3:45, btw!) but the picture really doesn't do the size of the waffle justice:

And here's my husband's plate!

Dinner tonight was quick, easy, fun and delicious!  I highly recommend this machine!  If you'd like one of your own, they are a great price on Amazon right now.  -When I checked the shelf-price in our local stores they were $59.99!  Right now on Amazon, you can get it for: $38.53 with free shipping!  Just click the picture below to grab one for your family!

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