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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Need Toilet Paper?!

Image obtained via google images

Here's a deal on my favorite toilet paper!  Right now, you can get (4) 12 packs of double rolls for a one-time delivery of $42.89 + free shipping or if you subscribe & save, the price is $36.46 + free shipping!  That's the same as 96 rolls for as low as $36.46!  I'm cheap and frugal, but there are a few products in life that I won't compromise about and my TP is one of them!  At the store last week I needed to pick some up and the 12 pack double rolls were priced at $15.99/each so this same deal of (4) 12 packs would've ran me $63.96 + tax.  This is a GREAT deal!  Just click the picture below to grab this!

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