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Monday, July 4, 2011

Soda Stream Home Soda Maker Review

Last week we went to Fort Leonard Wood, MO for my son's graduation from basic training.  Upon returning home late Friday night, I found a large box on my enclosed front porch.  I was so excited to open it and find a Soda Stream machine to try out and review! 
I thought to myself that this was probably going to be complicated and messy to do.  I was wrong!  My husband, the huge soda drinker of the family, couldn't contain his excited and tore right into the directions.  You simply put the can of carbonator into place:

Then you fill the beverage bottle to the wavy line, with cold water:

Next, you screw the bottle into the front of the machine:
Then, you push down the button on top of the machine until you hear a loud buzz.  You do this 3 times.  This is putting the carbonation into the water.
Unscrew the bottle from the machine, and pour a cap full of whatever type flavoring you're going to use, into the cap.  We used root beer this time!
Add the flavoring to the bottle of carbonated water, and gently tilt the bottle back and forth a few times with the lid on and there you have it!
My daughter, the root beer fanatic in the house, gives it a thumbs up!
This was a quick, easy, fun process that doesn't even take 5 minutes from start to finish!  It makes a 1.5 liter bottle full of soda at a time!  If your family likes soda, but you don't like the price of buying it then the Soda Stream is for you!  The savings over making your own soda over buying it, will pay for the price of the machine in no time at all!

You can purchase one of these for $84.99 with free shipping!  Just click the picture below, to grab one of these for your family!

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