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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Beauty Of Stockpiling

My husband's paycheck changes every week.  It's calculated by how much work he does.  Last week work was slow, so this week's paycheck unfortunately reflected that.  After paying bills, we don't have much left for the week to grocery shop with.  No problem though, because of stockpiling!

I'll make meals with what we already have here, and we won't eat skimpy!  We'll even still have snack food.  The only thing I have to buy is toilet paper, because I've found that to be my hardest item to stockpile.  The *amazing* deals on TP just don't seem to come around that often, and for some reason, it seems like my family of four (that lives at home) goes through it like it's going out of style LOL! 

When you hit a rough week or two, it sure feels good to know that you can still feed your family and not have to worry about where the food is going to come from. 

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