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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cody Alexander Ranked #2 In the State For Amateur MMA!

Photo credit goes to Dickie Bill, from SPSE Photography

My son just received an email, asking him to take a title fight August 20th in Cincinnati, OH.  Cody's not sure about taking the fight, because he's supposed to fight August 27th in Montpelier, OH.  He forwarded the request on to his trainer and will do what he advises.  Cody asked the gentleman how he found him, to offer him the fight.  The guy responded that Cody was listed in the rankings, and was #2 in the state in the 145 pound category.  He then gave him the web address to go to.  You can see the rankings by clicking HERE .  I'll keep you up to date as to when & where his next fight is.  I have confidance though, that after the next fight his record will move to 7-0 and he'll remain undefeated!  Good luck, Cody!  You have a whole team rooting for you!

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