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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Earn Ca$h Just By Linking Your Store Card!

I joined Saving Star about a month ago, and I'm loving it!  All you do is link your store loyalty card, then check the offers they have listed.  You "clip" the ones you want, then when you go to the store and purchase that item (item's), the money offered for that particular item is put into your Saving Star account.  Once you reach a minimum of $5 in the account, you can choose to either have your money deposited into your bank account or into your PayPal account.  This is not a coupon that you'll see taken off your register total at the store, the amount of these "coupons" go into your Saving Star account to be cashed out into cash.  Last week I "clipped" a $2 coupon for Purina dog food.  It's the brand my dogs eat all the time.  So when I went and bought it, I used my paper coupon on it at the store, and then I also got $2 deposited into my Saving Star account!  -As you can see from that example, it doesn't take long to build up $5 to cash out!  It's of course free to sign up!  Just click HERE .

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