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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What A Great Day !

My parent's really like my nature photos, and mom had asked me to create a photo book for her.  I did so, and it came in yesterday.  Looking at my photos in the book, I was amazed at how "good" they actually looked.  Some of my animal photos looked like I was looking at a National Geographic magazine or something. 

We took the photo book to my parents house today, and as they were looking at it I mentioned that the camera I've been wanting was on sale for $699.95.  I've been saving all of the Amazon gift cards I get, and was planning on using them to get the camera when we get our tax return in February.  They told me not to wait, that this is something I've been wanting for a long time and to go in to their computer room and order it.  I insisted no, that it was too expensive of an item for them to order me but they kept saying that they could afford it and I was their only child so to go order it.  So, I eventually caved and let them get it for me...WITH the exception that we help pay for it too with our tax return in February. 

It's supposed to be delivered between next Tuesday - Saturday, and I have to say I feel like a little kid at Christmas time!  I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to sleep LOL !  I'm going to have to start watching tutorials online about the camera, so I'm good & ready to go when it arrives. 

So, below is the camera I got.  I bought the body only, as the lenses I already have are interchangable with this new one!

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