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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HOT-HOT-HOT! Give A Kindle For Christmas!!!!!!

Wowers!  Amazon is trying to help us all out this year for Christmas!  They've lowered the price of the Kindle wi-fi to only $79 shipped!!  My parents bought me this version last year for Christmas and paid around $149 for it.  I absolutely love my Kindle!!  Just click the picture below to grab this deal...but read on to learn about some other sweet Kindle versions and prices too! can get the Kindle Touch for only $99 shipped by clicking below!

A Kindle Touch 3G for only $149 shipped!

OR, what I'm most excited about:  The Kindle Fire!!  The Kindle Fire is a full-color multi-touch display with wi-fi for $199 shipped!  It has ultra fast web-browsing with Amazon Silk, 18-million movies, TV shows, songs, magazine, books.  There's apps for it, vibrant extra wide viewing angle, fast powerful dual-core processor and so much more!
These are available now for pre-order on a first come, first served basis.  They'll be released on November 15th!  Click below to pre-order one NOW so that you'll have it in time for Christmas!!

I'm seriously thinking of gifting my Kindle to my teenage daughter who loves it and borrows it all the time, and ordering the Kindle Fire for myself. LOL

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