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Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Meijer and Walmart Trip W/Pictures!

I'm absolutely exhausted after my trips tonight, but had a pretty good run!  The Walmart run was a little one, but it was a pretty good one.  Over all, my total was $32.66 before tax and coupons and after coupons and tax added it, I paid $9.05.  That's roughly a 72% savings!  I'll do a breakdown of products below the picture.

2-extremely large cans of Bush's Baked Beans
2-small bottles of Listerine Zero Care
2-Rayovac Flashlights
3-St. Ives Face Scrub
1-large bottle of Morton's Season All
1-medium size jar of Frisch's Tarter Sauce
5-Crest with Scope trial size
NOT pictured:  2 Cover Girl Blush (daughter had taken them upstairs already without me knowing, and she's in bed now)

Coupons Used: 2-$ .55/1 Bush's Baked Beans coupons (sent to me directly from the manufacturer)
                        2-$2/1 Listerine Total printable coupons
                        2-$1/1 Rayovac Flashlight printable coupons
                        3-$1/1 ANY St. Ives Face Scrub (sent to me directly from the manufacturer)
                        1-$8/2 CG face product (8/2 P&G insert)
                        5-$2/1 ANY crest coupon (I don't remember what insert they came from)
I did not have coupons for the Season All and Tarter Sauce

After Walmart, we went over to Meijer and that's where I had a bigger haul!  I had 61 items, and before coupons, promotions and tax my total was $114.22.  After coupons, promotions and tax I paid $30.28 out of pocket!  A savings of 73.5%!  Breakdown after the picture.

It's VERY hard to see everything in the photo.

1-small bag Purina Beyond One dog food
1- large box Milk Bone dog bisquits
2-cans Snapple Very Cherry Punch
1-Kleenex Cool Touch
4-boxes Philly Swirl ice cream treats
1-Sister Schubert's Cinnamon Rolls
2-Campbell's Cream of Mushroom
2-Campbell's Cream of Chicken
5-cans Campbell's Spaghetti O's
4-packs Up 2 U gum
2-Digiorno Pizza's
2-bottles Gold Peak sweet tea
4-cans Wolf Chili
6-boxes Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes (different flavor varities)
4-boxes Pizza Rolls
3-64oz bottles Sunny D
4-Campbell's Soup At Hand
4-boxes Pillsbury Cake Mix
1-bag Meijer brand Cheddar Puffs
5-SoBe Life Water
2-Chobani Greek Yogurt
1-Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast

Coupons Used:
  $2 off an order of $2 or more
  $ .75/1 Kleenex Cool Touch
  $1/4 Campbell's Cream Cooking Soup
  $1/4 Campbell's Soup At Hand
  $1/5 SoBe Life Water
**an mPerk did NOT come off of my Spaghetti O's and I just noticed while scrutinizing my receipt for this post LOL.

Paper Q's Used: *my store doubles the 1st two "like" Q's, up to $ .50
$ .50/5 Spaghetti O's (printable)
$ .40/3 Campbell's Cream Cooking Soups (10/2 insert..don't remember which one)
4-$ .35/1 Wolf Chili (blinkies from Kroger)
2-$ .50/2 Soup At Hand (10/2 insert..don't remember which one)
2-$ .30/1 Chobani Yogurt (printable)
2-$ .40/2 Totino's Pizza Rolls (printable)
$1/5 SoBe Life Water (GM insert 10/2)
2-$ .50/2 BC potatoes (printable)
2-$2/1 DiGiorno Pizzas (printable)
2-$1/1 Gold Peak Tea (printable)
1-Any FREE Sister Schubert item (sent to me directly from manufacturer)
1-box any Milk Bone product FREE UP TO $4.30 (sent to me directly from manufacturer)
4-any FREE Philly Swirl products (sent to me directly from the manufacturer)
$4/1 Purina Beyond One
$ .50/1 Kleenex Cool Touch
4-$1/1 UP2U gum

Meijer had a buy 10, get the 11th free sale, so the 3 Sunny D's I got for free from the sale. I don't think I missed listing any coupons, but it's always possible since the receipt doesn't match them up, and I'm beyond exhausted LOL.  I had to switch up my B10G11th plan just a tad.  They were out of a couple items that was on my list...but I improvised and moved on.

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