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Friday, November 11, 2011

Butterflies and Battlefields

This is the title of my 16yr old daughter's blog that she started last night.  She has PCOS and unfortunately has the gammit of symptoms that this disease can cause.  A funny thing about PCOS is that a person can have many symptoms, 1 symptom, or none.  If highschool life isn't hard enough in today's age for a girl, PCOS makes it even harder.  Depression can be one of the side effects, and yep, Courtney also suffers from that. 

Court named her blog appropriately, because in her life there's fun, carefree times like a butterfly, and there's times when navigating high school is like a battlefield.  She's keeping her journal real, so there will be topics discussed that may be hard to read about.  This blog, is a real life account of a teenage girl. 

Courtney wants to go to college for journalism and communications.  She's currently in creative writing in high school.  I think this blog is a good idea, both for her future education and to help with her stress level and depression.  She could use all the encouragement that she can please feel free to read, follow, comment and share her blog.  I'd love for her to get a following.

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