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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If You Read TapOut Magazine, Please Read

Every so often, I throw in a post about MMA.  Afterall, MMA is in my blog title, right? lol  I'm trying to find someone who has a copy of the TapOut magazine that features Jon Jones on the front wearing white shorts.  Off the to the left in yellow, it says something like "TapOut Jon Jones Approach With Caution".  If anyone seeing this post has that issue, would you please look through it and see if there's a story about an amateur fighter named Cody Alexander?  That's my son, and Rama Promotions tagged a picture of the cover to him and some other guys, and said that some of the fighters stories were in this issue. 

My husband left me on Easter Sunday, and I don't have a working vehicle so I can't go to a store and find this issue to see for myself.  If anyone has this issue and would check and let me know, I'd be very grateful.  =)

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