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Friday, August 31, 2012

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

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The 2012 HOT Christmas Toy Run Has Begun

The hottest toys for Christmas?  Already?  It's not even quite September yet!!  Take my word though, it really has begun.  Last year, around this time I made a post similar to this.  No one paid much attention to me, then sure enough, facebook friends were pleading in their status' for someone, anyone, to help them find the toy their child just had to have for Christmas.

Take heed and know this is your forewarning!  If you even think your child may ask for one of these toys, then buy them as soon as you possibly can and put them back for Christmas.  One of the hottest toys this year is going to be Furby.  Yep, Furby.  It's making a comeback and has been modernized.  There's an optional app that works with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or better.  Furby responds to your voice and to music.  You can pet Furby's head, tickle it's tummy, or pull it's tail to see what happens.  You can even feed Furby with your finger! The new Furby has a lot more responsed built in then the old ones had.  The new one's also have LCD eyes so they are capable of some amazing looks!

These little critters haven't even been released yet, but if you pre-order them now you'll save $5.99 off the regular price of them, plus they'll ship FREE!  Take my word for it, if you even have an inkling that your child may want one of these I urge you to pre-order right now!  Closer to Christmas they will be sold out, and you'll see price gouging out the ying-yang on ebay and craigslist.  I'm linking you to the teal colored Furby because it's my daughters favorite color but you'll also see links to other colored Furby's on the page that loads.

The next item that's predicted to be hot is the Innotab 2.  This 5" color touch screen is going to be hard to get your hands on.  It has 2 GB onboard memory and has an SD card slot expandable up to 16 GB.  This little thing is a camera, video camera, photo viewer, video player, MP3 music player, e-Reader, art studio, games, and microphone all built into one!

Next we have a motorized web-shooting Spider-Man figure.  He has two web-shooters for double web blasting fun!  Save $3 plus you'll make sure you get it, if you order it now.  It's on sale for $34.99 and it ships FREE.

For the little Hobbits in your home, these Lord Of The Rings LEGO sets will sell like hotcakes!  There's several different sets available, so I've just linked you to the page that has them all.  Just click HERE to see them all!

The newly released FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch Pony is predicted to be a sell-out this year! It's the most interactive FurReal friend to date!  It will even nuzzle you when you pet it. You can hurry and snag one though, with a discount of $20.11 off regular price and it ships FREE!  

I'm going to stop here for now, but rest assured I'll be keeping my eyes open and will add to this list as needed.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Monday, August 27, 2012

LeapFrog Lettersaurus On Sale!

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Review Of Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort

My family was lucky enough to stay at Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort this past weekend!  All last week my teen daughter was so excited!  I have to admit that I too, was very excited for the weekend to come.  We'd checked out the website several times, waiting on our trip, and Courtney couldn't wait to hit the slides!  I couldn't wait to sit and soak in the hot tub and to float on the lazy river.

No matter how excited we thought we were, nothing prepared us for what was waiting!  Upon arrival, the entrance awaited us with a touch of class! Even the grounds were beautiful! I got out of the car and went in to register us.  The inside lobby was beautiful.  I would love to see it in the winter, with the massive fireplace lit!
I absolutely adore all of the wagon wheel benches!

The decor is immediately inviting, and every where you look there's something to remind you that you're now in the Old West!  It was such a warm, inviting atmosphere from the minute you walk through the doors.

We reluctantly tore ourselves away from the lobby, to go check out our room!  We stayed in the Bryce Canyon Villa.  Just the name, made it sound especially inviting!  We inserted the room key, then everyone was trying to get through the door at same time!  As soon as we crowded in the doorway and flipped on a light, every one started saying "woooowwww"!  It was so cute!!  We had a double sink and mirror on the right, and the bathroom was on the left.  Courtney immediately was excited over the bathroom.  It was done in giraffe print!  She was joking around that she could just stay in the bathroom the entire time lol!  Straight in front of us, was a sitting area on our left with a chair, a sofa that made into a double bed, a coffee table and an end table.  There was a divider with a beautiful artificial plant separating the sitting area from the bedroom area.  On the right hand side, we had a mini fridge, a microwave, and the cutest little towel and bathing suit dryer!  -Let me tell you, that mini dryer was an amazing thing to have in your room, when you're staying at a waterpark!  We also had a large flat screen television on the right side.  All of the counters were a beautiful granite!

This photo is of Courtney checking things out when we first arrived.

Of course, Courtney couldn't wait for us to check the waterpark out.  I started unpacking and panicked because I had forgot to bring a razor and I needed to do a quick shave on my legs before going to the waterpark.  I called the front desk and asked if any of the vending machines had razors in them, and was told that they had complimentary razors at the front desk!  I also asked if they had wheelchairs, and they said yes and that they had one available.  One of the ladies we took with us, has had two kidney transplants, and is on dialysis awaiting a kidney for her third transplant.  She has a graft on her leg and it bothers her if she walks much.  The lady at the registration desk was so polite and friendly!  On the way back to the room, I was really trying to take in as much as I could.  There was just too much to see though!  Everywhere you looked, in any direction, there was something to catch your eye!  They have the most beautiful murals painted everywhere!  

This was a peek into the Branding Iron Grille

This old cowboy is waiting outside the door, inviting you in to grab some grub!

They even have an outdoor patio, weather permitting, so you can sit outside and eat!

I know that my son would love to have this mounted on his bedroom wall here at home lol!

Here's another one of those adorable wagon wheel benches!

When I got back to the villa, Courtney said "Mom!  You have to check out the loft!  It's amazing!".  So up the steps I went!  There was a king bed, a separate sink and bathroom complete with a shower.  They also have another television up there!

I immediately claimed the loft as "mine" lol!  Here's a photo of the two queen sized beds downstairs.  -A third television was positioned in front of these beds.  Oh, did I mention that the sofa also pulled out into a bed??

On our way to the waterpark, we also passed by the "old general store", and the Canyon Cafe!  The kids can get a sour sugar rush, while the adults get that much needed jolt of specialty caffeine, a.k.a. coffee, so they're able to keep up with the little ones!

You can even get "Old Thyme" photo's taken of your family!  -Just like the one's done at Cedar Point, but at a fraction of the cost at Cedar Point!

Right before you get to the waterpark, you pass one of the largest arcades I've ever seen!!

Walking into the waterpark was almost overwhelming with so much to see!  There are several things that I didn't even get a picture of!  I'm going to start off by showing you a sequence of photos of a HUGE 1,000 gallon tipping bucket!  We stood under this a few times as it dumped and oh my goodness it 1,000 gallons of water a lot when it's being dumped onto your head LOL!

My goodness that's a lot of water to be coming down at one time LOL!  If you or the kids get hungry while at the park, you can grab something to snack on from DB's Sidewinder Cafe.

Of course my hope is that no one would need it, but there's even a first aid station in the park, nearby restrooms, and secure locker rooms.

Here's some pictures of my daughter, and her boyfriend, going down a couple of the slides.

Those last three photos look like the slide is outside, but it isn't.  The next four photos are of a slide that's called Blackout Pass and the kids loved it!  The longest line was always for this particular slide.  It reminded me of a tornado!  It spins you around and around until it finally shoots you down the slide and out into the water!  I was testing out some action shots on it so they're not great quality (sorry!) and the lens I had on was too big for me to get the entire top of the slide into a shot.

Here's a couple photos of Blackout Pass from the ground level.

The next photo is of the activity area.  What's more fun then playing basketball in the water??  Behind this area, they have a hanging rope bridge, then big floating "lily pads" that you can try to walk across to get to the other side.  I'm not sure why I don't have a photo of this!  It's super cute!  The photo after the activity area, is of the hot tub.  Oh my gosh did it feel wonderful!  For those that doesn't know, I have fibromyalgia, arthritis in my knees, neck, shoulders, and back.  I was convinced that Fort Rapids should allow me to live there, right in that hot tub!  After the hot tub photo, I'll show you the lazy river.  The "props" that you'll see, is what you float past on your trip.

Next is some photos of some of the props you float past on the lazy river.

Here's a video of my daughter and her boyfriend going down the Shoot Out Racer.

Next, I just have some random shots of the park.

An old fort just isn't complete without a saloon, and Fort Rapids won't disappoint.  You can stop by the Copper Star Saloon to grab a cold one, listen to your favorite song on the jukebox, shoot some pool, or just sit back and watch a game on the tv!

I have to say that Fort Rapids met or exceeded my expectations on all levels.  The room was magnificent and super clean.  I encountered many staff members during our stay and every single one of them was super polite and friendly.  Usually in a place of business you'll encounter at least one person who appears grumpy or is just having a bad day.  I was shocked that this wasn't the case here.  I do believe it's the first time I've been anywhere where every single person was friendly.  I talked with several of them.  No, not just talked... but talked.  They carried on conversations and wasn't just friendly, they made me feel as if I've known them for years.  The entire place is just so "homey".  They even offer activities for your kiddo's besides the waterpark.  Saturday they had bingo in the main lobby and the night was completed with a story time, complete with milk and cookies, in the lobby.  All of the little one sitting around in their pj's while a staff member read them a bedtime story, was beyond adorable!  The only downfall to anything that I can see, is that you have to climb so many stairs to go down the slides.  My health conditions in no way hinder my ability to swim, but they sure effect my ability to walk very much and make that many stairs absolutely impossible.  I wanted to go down the slides so bad, but I just couldn't.  I'd be beyond excited if Fort Rapids would put in some sort of escalator or elevater, or even a chair lift that zooms you up the side of the steps so that people such as myself could utilize everything.  Even if they made it a policy that you could only use it if you show a handicap placard or something.  Over all though, I'm more impressed with Fort Rapids then I ever thought I could be.  

Now, I realize that I've overloaded you all with photos, but as a photographer I believe in the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words.  What is this picture saying to you?

Don't forget to check out their specials and packages and book a great family vacation!  Young or old, you'll find plenty to do!

*All opinions expressed in this review are my own without any influence from Fort Rapids.  I did not receive any cash compensation for expressing my opinion.