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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The 2012 HOT Christmas Toy Run Has Begun

The hottest toys for Christmas?  Already?  It's not even quite September yet!!  Take my word though, it really has begun.  Last year, around this time I made a post similar to this.  No one paid much attention to me, then sure enough, facebook friends were pleading in their status' for someone, anyone, to help them find the toy their child just had to have for Christmas.

Take heed and know this is your forewarning!  If you even think your child may ask for one of these toys, then buy them as soon as you possibly can and put them back for Christmas.  One of the hottest toys this year is going to be Furby.  Yep, Furby.  It's making a comeback and has been modernized.  There's an optional app that works with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or better.  Furby responds to your voice and to music.  You can pet Furby's head, tickle it's tummy, or pull it's tail to see what happens.  You can even feed Furby with your finger! The new Furby has a lot more responsed built in then the old ones had.  The new one's also have LCD eyes so they are capable of some amazing looks!

These little critters haven't even been released yet, but if you pre-order them now you'll save $5.99 off the regular price of them, plus they'll ship FREE!  Take my word for it, if you even have an inkling that your child may want one of these I urge you to pre-order right now!  Closer to Christmas they will be sold out, and you'll see price gouging out the ying-yang on ebay and craigslist.  I'm linking you to the teal colored Furby because it's my daughters favorite color but you'll also see links to other colored Furby's on the page that loads.

The next item that's predicted to be hot is the Innotab 2.  This 5" color touch screen is going to be hard to get your hands on.  It has 2 GB onboard memory and has an SD card slot expandable up to 16 GB.  This little thing is a camera, video camera, photo viewer, video player, MP3 music player, e-Reader, art studio, games, and microphone all built into one!

Next we have a motorized web-shooting Spider-Man figure.  He has two web-shooters for double web blasting fun!  Save $3 plus you'll make sure you get it, if you order it now.  It's on sale for $34.99 and it ships FREE.

For the little Hobbits in your home, these Lord Of The Rings LEGO sets will sell like hotcakes!  There's several different sets available, so I've just linked you to the page that has them all.  Just click HERE to see them all!

The newly released FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch Pony is predicted to be a sell-out this year! It's the most interactive FurReal friend to date!  It will even nuzzle you when you pet it. You can hurry and snag one though, with a discount of $20.11 off regular price and it ships FREE!  

I'm going to stop here for now, but rest assured I'll be keeping my eyes open and will add to this list as needed.

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