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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Help your child get into the spirit of Christmas by making some home made Christmas decorations!  This wreath is simple, and beautiful! The supplies needed for this wreath are  in the widget below.
Take a straw wreath form, and cut strips of white felt.  Wrap the strips of white felt around the wreath and secure the over-lapping ends.  Let your child pain and/or glue and glitter styrofoam balls of various sizes.  Use the hot glue gun (obviously small children shouldn't do this part themselves due to the possibility of getting burned) and attach the large balls to the strips of felt first.  Use the smaller balls to fill in the gaps.  Hot glue the snowflakes onto the wreath in various spots.   You can wrap a piece of ribbon around it to hang, or hot glue a piece of ribbon onto the back to use to hang.  Another use for glitter balls is to put them inside a glass jar or bowl, and use it as a centerpiece.

Next is an ADORABLE Glittery Wire Ribbon Angel Ornament. Use these on your tree or attach them to your gifts!  

Another useful idea for left over wired ribbon is wrap it around a pen or pencil then pull the pencil out.  Stick an ornament hanger through the top and then you have pretty, dangly spirals to hang on your tree!

Another really simple idea for really young children is to allow them to take paper doiley and string a thread through the top, then hang them on the Christmas tree.  If you put them in front of colored lights on your tree, it makes a really cool effect!

I couldn't find a good picture on Google Images for this next one, but I used to make them all the time with my mom when I was little.  You take  canning jar seals, and Christmas cards.  You lay the canning jar seal over top of a part of a Christmas card that you think is pretty.  Trace around the seal, then cut that part of the photo out, following the circle you drew on it.  Hot glue the circle you cut out, to the back side of the seal.  Use an ice pick or something to make a hole in the top part of the seal that sticks up, then string thin ribbon through the hole to hang the ornaments by.

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