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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Industrial Metal Supply Co.

Industrial Metal Supply Co, also known as IMS, is a full service metal distributor.  IMS started out as a family business.  In 1948 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sherman opened their first scrap and surplus business, working out of the back of their station wagon.  Today, IMS has grown into a multi-metal distributor.  They distribute aluminum, sheet metal, and steel offering a wide range of products.  True to the founders initial intent, the workers at IMS work hard to make sure service is a top priority.

IMS facilities serving Southern California and Arizona offer a full line of metal.  If you need something custom made, they'll work with you and get it made.  Over the years, IMS listened to advice and suggestions from customers to come up with a full product line.  You can even go to sheet metal San Diego to use their pricing tool, where you can then lock in your price! IMS is so diverse, that they also fulfills the needs of both artists and students in the community.   They even have a metal art gallery on their website, and you can submit your metal artwork too, along with your story!  Would you just like to learn more about applications and techniques?  Well if so, IMS has you covered there too!  They offer seminars that covers all of that neat stuff.  See, they really do care about their communities and clients!  Whatever metal need you have, IMS will work with you all the way through to ensure your happiness.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

San Storage System

Are you a part of a midmarket organization that's looking for easy, inexpensive, and reliable disk storage?  If so, take a look at San Storage System.  San Storage System has all of the issues covered that midmarket organizations sometimes encounter, while trying to preserve their data.  San Storage Systems offer all types of storage solutions that are tailored to fit right in to virtual server environments and cloud storage environments.

Are you working on a limited budget?  That isn't a problem either!  San Storage System has several options for you to choose from.  They offer leading cost per GB and they are leading in reliability.  Their systems are built simplistically, for "the IT generalist".  San Storage System even offers on demand webinars.

They offer everything from disk to disk backup, to diaster recovery.  You'll get high density storage, with 60 disks in 4U, while also providing leading power management with up to 85% savings in power and cooling.  Now I know that you realize right along with me, of how quickly an 85% power savings would add up!

San Storage System has so many flexible options, that you're sure to find one that fits your needs.  They allow you to tailer and create just the solutions you're looking for.  Hop on over to their site by clicking this link San Storage System to watch real case study videos and to request your free quote! Learn more about this great solution that your organization has been lacking!